Autumn Term Forest schools 2018

I love forest school because we make fires,dens and best of all we toast marshmallows. Also the teachers are so nice and we walked through a river that was flowing as fast as a cheetah could run . It was awesome. At the end we put charcoal on are faces. My face was covered in it was up to my hair. By Bailee Hawke.


While I have been at Forest School I have learnt how to make flags and make paint, it was fun, also we made a den altogether. I love getting muddy I used to slide on my bottom. We love walking in the muddiest puddles and we crossed a big river. Taiten gave everyone a confer. At the start of Forest School we made an animal name for everyone and it had to start with the first letter of your name mine is Kaitlyn Koala. Forest School is where you learn different things in the woods like making flags, making dens and decorating them, crowns and lighting fires. One week we lit a fire and we had toasted marsh mellows just for fun.       Kaitlyn.C.    Y5

At Forest School, we do lots of fun stuff but before I tell you about that, I will tell you how we get to Forest school. To get to the Forest, we go in the school’s mini bus. At the Forest there is a fence where some people like to jump over or climb over. After that we all stand in a circle and say our names, but we don’t have normal names. We have to come up with an animal name. I am Daisy the dog. After that we walk along the dirt path and we also wear waterproof trousers and coats so that we don’t get wet. So as I was saying, we walk across a dirt path and walk to a certain place and that is where we have our certain activities, like den building and making a fire or a flag. You can choose one of them or you can do something else. Let me tell you the rules:- 1. Make sure that if you climb a tree you make sure it is within reach of an adult and also do a wobble test. Rule 2. If you can’t see anyone else then they can’t see you so make sure someone can see you before you keep going. Rule three. Ask before you touch anything,

Daisy Zehtabi


Forest Schools

So what we do at Forest school is, we make dens ,fires ,flags and we explore the woods and sometimes it’s up to us what we want to do. We play with each other with our conkers , and we learn some stuff like we didn’t know before , about what we found in the woods and it makes me feel adventurous and it makes me feel I want to explore more in the woods where we make dens and we roast marshmallows YUM YUM YUM.

Tilly Keast.

Forest Schools

I think that FOREST SCHOOL was a real treat for us and it was great!
100,000 out of 100,000
First, we went exploring around the forest and almost couldn’t get out
Next, we made crowns out of ivy and got conkers
Then, we made a den/resting place and hade rocks for seats and a kind of blanket as a roof and set fire to cotton wool
Finally, we hade roasted marshmallows and it was so nice
My favourite bit was making a fire and roasted marshmallows!

Harry Morcom

Maths Challenge day

Four of our year 5 children went to St Stephens Primary on Wednesday for a Maths Challenge day with other year 5 children from local schools. We had an exciting time completing the challenges, working with other children and practising our maths skills. Well done to Tilly, Chess, Sam and Immie!

Summer Term.

We can’t believe the summer term is already two weeks in. We have started our topic work on Ancient Greece and are thoroughly enjoying researching the different aspects of everyday life. Our class story is Theseus and the Minotaur and we have explored Myths and used descriptive language to describe our own mythical creatures.